Lamb & Sheepskin Cushions

Wide variety of genuine and luxurious sheepskin and lambskin cushions. In multiple colors and sourced from many locations including, Mongolia, Iceland, New Zealand and Australia. Each with it’s own unique type of fur with curly and shorter wool and some thicker and longer. Get matching sets and colors for your living room, bedroom and more.

About Our Sheepskin Cushions

Sheepskins natural benefits make it wrinkle and compression resistant. The wool will bounce back and with a quick brush can be just as plump and soft as new. In addition the fur is luxuriously soft and insulating you’ll feel alleviated and at ease against the sheepskin fur.

Our sheepskin cushions are available double or single sided with cotton backing and feather down inserts with zip access. Many different shapes and sizes With bolster and oblong shaped cushions for back or arm support.

Decoration Ideas

Spruce up a sofa, chair or bed giving a clean look for your homes interior decoration and a pleasurably soft and comfortable feeling for you and your family. The cushions can also be used as seat or chair pads as well to take pressure off of your body. Furthermore they can be employed as pillows in bed to rest your head on and relax in the evening.

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What our customers say

Beautiful rug! It is is so soft and attractive. I’m very happy with this purchase and would buy another :)

~ Cathy Looram

Extremely soft, a truly pleasurable sensation to the skin. Luxzura is also amazing to work with, I’m looking forward to purchasing more rugs from them in the future!

~ Thelma M. Mueller